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Scott Alan Video, LLC in Madison, Wisconsin

"Let my 30+ years of video and audio experience help you with your next project or court case."


My name is Scott Alan Kuntz.  I am the owner of Scott Alan Video, LLC.  I started Scott Alan Video, LLC in 2007. I provide basic to advanced media and design services at realistic prices.  I offer both hourly and flat rate pricing options to help clients decide what is best for their projects. Scott Alan Video, LLC has provided services for clients in WI, IL, IN, SD, OK, LA, MT, PA, MO, FL, AR, KY, CA, TN and St. Lucia.


I have been producing quality television projects for over 35 years. My award winning work experience includes live television broadcasting and engineering, post-production, animation, audio engineering, non-linear editing, videography and lighting.


With 29+ years of experience as a sworn law enforcement officer,  I have extensive experience in crime scene videography, accurate, reproducible forensic video analysis, forensic audio analysis, image comparison, covert surveillance and trial presentation prep.  I have over 21 years experience engineering and wiring video systems.


I teach police officers, crime scene investigators, analysts, detectives and lawyers in the areas of crime scene videography, surveillance and a variety of video evidence topics. I am a principal instructor of Basic and Advanced Forensic Video Analysis for LEVA, a former, adjunct instructor of video evidence and ethics courses at Madison College in Madison, WI and a former adjunct instructor at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI. I have taught at the National Forensic Academy as a part of the University of Tennessee.  I have taught video evidence processing to police and crime labs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Oman, Sweden, Manchester, U.K., Nottingham, U.K., Canada and across the United States.


I am a LEVA* certified-forensic video analyst and member in good standing, Certified by the International Association for Identification as a Forensic Video Examiner and a National Technical Investigators Association-Certified Technical Investigator. My work is governed by the LEVA* and IAI codes of ethics.   *(Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association)

I am a F.A.A. part 107, certified UAS (drone) operator.  I have experience in remote pilot aerial fugitive search operations and documentation of crime scenes and serious traffic crashes.

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